(Sort of) an update

This is not much of an update. I still had no time to try to learn enough webdesign to do this website and put my work up (though i started watching Jessica Hische’s and Russ Maschmeyer’s cool videos and hopefully they will come in handy as soon as I have some time). For the moment, I’m still studying inĀ Reading, writing my dissertation and getting ready for ATypI. And by “getting ready for ATypI” I mean thinking “wow, wouldn’t it be nice to be done with this dissertation stress and just chill out in Reykjavik already?” while I keep on writing and counting words.

I think our class’s type specimen will be online soon, and that will be pretty cool, but for the time being there are a couple of other things I thought I might share here, even thought they’re quite delayed…

First is that our class’s work was part of an exhibition at the really cool Mota Italic in Berlin. Second is that I had 5 pictures up in Grafik Mag’s website as part of their Daily Type feed (the other four are here, here, here and here).

That’s it for now… Back to dissertatin’!

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