Lettering + Design


The Alphabettes is a blog that showcases the work and research of women in typography. 

Lettering and design for Alphabettes, both published and unpublished.

I am proud to be a member of Alphabettes, and over the last few years have contributed in different ways. This includes articles (they’re linked in the More section of this website, and if you click that far, I strongly urge you to go down the rabbit hole and read other articles in the blog), helping organise some great initiatives such as Alphacrit and the Alphabettes Mentorship, and, every now and then, jumping in to do some lettering or quick design work. 

This is a collection of the lettering and design work I have contributed (or, in one case, will contribute!). Some of the work shown here was used, some was not, and some is still unfinished. 

Lettering for the Alphabettes Variety Show

The Alphabettes Variety Show has been happening for three years at the Typographics festival, in New York. I did the lettering for the third edition. Shown above is the finished version, and below is the sketch.

This is the sketch for the Alphabettes Variety Show lettering (shown above). It’s unpolished, as I did most of the cleaning up digitally.

Letterlove, later called Love Letters, is probably my favourite series of articles, featuring declarations of love for different typographic wonders to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the whole month of February 2016. We initially thought it might be cool to have some lettering on the first image of every post, and I worked on this (recyling some letterforms I photographed in Rome, as that is my biggest letter love). In the end, we decided the images in the posts were so great that they didn’t need any extra lettering, and this was never used.

(Unused) lettering for the Love Letters series

Another series was Greetings From..., where different women contribute a type-related location or activity from wherever they were spending their summer in August 2016. We decided to include a fictional passport stamp in the first image from each post, and I designed them, using lettering and typefaces designed by women. Here is the full collection.