Logo + icons


Logo and icons for Artstring, an app that transforms museums into spaces of shared emotions.

2016–17 (in progress)
Logo and icons for the app “Artstring”.

Artstring is an app that transforms museums into spaces of shared emotions. It challenges the top-down authority of the museum as having the “one true interpretation” of artwork, and encourages visitors to form their own connections and string together a collection of pieces that evoke an emotional response.

I was asked to design the logo and monogram, the icons for the app, and the visual identity for the expansion of the app into real-world applications (in progress), and items that could be sold in museum shops.

The design of the logo and icons form the basis for the identity of the project. The icons are designed through a continuous line with a friendly feel. The monogram and flourish of the logo reference the baroque aesthetic of painting frames in traditional museums, rendered in an informal, naïve way to emphasize the approachability of museums and art through the app.

The app is currently under production and has been tested within the scope of the National Gallery in London as part of (app director) Julia Mariani’s masters degree in Design For Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins university.