Typeface design


A warm, playful sans-serif typeface that balances flavour and functionality.

Typeface published by Dalton Maag (London, UK).
Designed with the support of the Dalton Maag team. 
︎Selected as one of Typographica’s “Best Typefaces of 2015”.
︎Selected for the 11th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial (Bienal ADG) in 2015.

Bligh is a 3-weight sans-serif type family which I designed from scratch while working at Dalton Maag, published in April 2015.

The challenge was to design a low-contrast sans-serif that works well in text settings but has a warm, playful feel and a strong personality. It was an exercise in pushing its quirkiness and personality, and reeling it back to find the balance between flavour and functionality.

The characters often have a quirky skeleton, sometimes with an organic calligraphic influence, and with a slight nod to Victorian grotesque styles. It has very low contrast, and fairly condensed proportions, but is very readable in text sizes without losing its flavour.

The uppercase set has a more sober voice to increase the possibility of hierarchical variation when typesetting, since the family has no italics or small caps.

As a reference to the playful Victorian Grotesque influence, I also designed a set of symbols inspired by travel, which can be typeset in a continuous line to form a custom route of travel over hills, mountains and seas.

To purchase the font, please visit Dalton Maag's website (you can also get a free trial license there!).