Type design

Dalton Maag

Samples of projects designed during 3 years as a type designer at Dalton Maag.

Samples of work done as a font designer at Dalton Maag (London, UK).
All samples shown here were designed with the support of the Dalton Maag team.

I worked at the Dalton Maag type foundry for three years, designing custom typefaces, doing typographic refinement and working on typefaces for the Dalton Maag library, often as a project leader. The work spanned both Latin and non-Latin scripts, including Greek, Cyrillic, Thai and Devanagari.

Nokia Ethiopic (with Riccardo de Franceschi and the Dalton Maag team)

One of my favorite projects was Nokia Headline Ethiopic. It is a headline version of the Nokia Pure typeface for the Ethiopic (or Amharic) script. It is a rare but challenging treat to work on the Ethiopic script. The script is by nature quite uneven, both in spacing, as there are cuts and protruding limbs which create gaps, and also in texture, as there are slight variations in inclination between characters, which makes the text appear dancing on the page. I did the full headline adaptation for five weights, with its character set of around 500 glyphs for each weight. The lead designer for the text version of the typeface was Riccardo de Franceschi.

Icons — fallback font (with Eleni Beveratou and the Dalton Maag team)

Another personal favorite was work done for a fallback symbols font. It has been difficult to research: it is not easy to find reliable information on the subject, and the symbol set is very heterogeneous, combining groups of glyphs from many sources and with a variety of uses. Still, this has been a lot of fun to work on, and to apply typographic principles to what is essentially a set of small illustrations.

Finally, here is some work done for Hewlett Packard Devanagari (lead designer: Amélie Bonet), and the handwritten-style typeface designed for Lush Cosmetics (lead designer: Riccardo de Franceschi).