Lettering + Illustration 

Urban Letterscape

A personal project of illustrations based on lettering seen on shopfronts and signage around different cities.


Personal project: Illustrations of lettering seen on shop fronts

This is a personal project of illustrations based on lettering seen on shopfronts  and signage in different cities. After moving from Brazil to Europe, I became fascinated with the different changing typographic landscape I found. I started taking pictures of shopfronts, walls and other such lettering, and keeping them in my hard drive, not quite sure what to do with it. This became a habit, even when going back home to visit (although it’s always more exciting when I’m traveling).

I started making illustrations out of some of these pictures. This has been a very enjoyable process. At the time I was working as a type designer, moving curves around lettershapes all day, but it was refreshing to notice how different it is to translate a 3-dimensional object into an illustration, and to draw shapes of letters that are not necessarily part of a bigger system (aside from perhaps an illustration style), not to mention using colour (I had almost forgotten what colour looked like!). I hope to continue with more of these when I get a chance.